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Pressure tight and high integrity applications.

Special Alloys Produced:

  • Brass and Bronzes
  • Manganese and Silicon Bronzes
  • Nickel Aluminum Bronze

  • ZA 12 and ZA 27
  • Copper Nickels and Monels
  • Aluminum Alloys

Industries Served:

  • Valve and Fittings
  • Pump and Compressors
  • Filters and Strainers
  • Navy and Marine
  • R.R Power Transmission
  • Electric and Electronics

  • Ordnance and Military
  • Rotameters and Instruments
  • Gears and Mechanical Parts
  • Bearings and Hardware
  • Fire Equipment and Machinery
  • Chemical and Petrochemical

Green sand and no bake castings are produced in all major non-ferrous, engineering and special alloys. All alloys are produced to commercial, military and federal standards. Certified ingot is used for all castings. The alloys are segregated, tested, and verified prior to pouring. Melting department SPC records are also available for inspection.

Casting weights range from ounces to 400 lbs. in aluminum, 750 lbs. in Copper Nickel, Monel, and Aluminum Bronze, and 1500 lbs. in the red metals.

Our Processes:

All melting is done in electric furnaces and 2 gas-fired furnaces are reserved for preheating.

The electric furnaces consist of 2 tilts of 2,000 lbs. each, 1 tilt of 1,500 lbs., 2 pushups of 300 lbs. each, and 2 lift swings. Different types and sizes of furnaces provide excellent versatility. Our total melting capacity per hour is 5,000 lbs.

Cores are made of oil, shell, hot box, CO2, isocure, and no bake.

 Our molding sites consist of Jolt Squeeze, Roto Lift, Pin Lift (Cope and Drag), and No Bake departments. Molding sand is prepared in a 1 1/2 G Simpson Mix Muller, in conjunction with fully automatic 3818 Compactability Controller and SPC tests are recorded in our sand test laboratory.

We maintain a pattern shop, primarily for repairing, gating, risering and checking patterns. New pattern equipment is subcontracted to outside shops that make patterns exactly to specifications.

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